Great Tournament Results

Posted by Nate Bywater on Jul 18 2009 at 10:41PM PDT

We just finished up our second tournament and we did quite well as a club. Out of the 6 teams that entered the tournament, 4 of them were finalists. Unfortunately, we all took home the second place trophy, but we were the most represented club in the tournament finals.

Chet Bywater, coach of the U15 team received the coaches award for his age group and Alex Call received the MVP for the tournament in the U15 age group. Both awards were voted on by the other coaches and referees. Great Job guys!!

This is just the beginning of what we can accomplish as a club. I personally want to thank all the mangers for their help getting the players registered to play and all the coaches that put the time in to get them ready.

The U18 team played well and proved that they can compete with the premiere teams of the state. U15s showed that with a bit more work with one another, we can go a long way. Good work guys. Let’s keep it going.



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